Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 1. My Fluff has to go

Many overweight people sit there like I did and wonder..

how did I get this way.. when did imy life turn into this.. what can i do about it. Will i do anything about it.. If your anything like me you sit there and keep saying to yourself.. I'll start tomorrow. Or next week. Or after the holidays. The bottom line is there is no better time to start than today. You have to admit your overweight and make a commitment to not anyone else or for anyone else.. but YOURSELF.

About me:

My name is Crystal. I was born and raised in Ohio. I was a letterman all through highschool in basketball and track. I was a state qualifier for track all four years of my highschool career. I was an athlete. I worked out. Ran 5 miles a day and had a great life. I went to college and continued to play ball there my freshman year. Until I slipped on ice outside my dorm and broke my leg. A plate and seven screws later and i was no longer a basketball player. I felt like a cripple. I graduated college in December of 2006. Here is a photo of me from Spring break of 2006 I was about 170 lbs in this photo. (I'm on the right :)

My life was great. I had a lot of friends I was in a sorority and not too long after this photo was taken i found my soulmate. We were engaged in September of 2007. At the same time I got a job offer for the Utah Division of Wildlife. When I moved out to Utah I had started the struggle with my weight. I weighed 208 lbs. It has been three years now and I have gained over 100lbs since 2006.

I am now at 280. Here is a recent photo of me showing my boxer, Piper.

I dont have many recent photos of me other than showing the dogs taken by others. I hide from the camera because I am so embarrased of the way I look. I wish I could just snap my fingers and be skinnier and healthier again.

Why now?

My weight is ruining my life. I have a hard time walking up the stairs in my home without getting out of breath. My fiance' has threated to leave me because I am so overweight and unhealthy and I cant even do the things I love anymore without being so out of breath. Its embarrasing and Im ready to make a change.

I went to the doctor this morning and got back on my thyroid medication and some other ones that go with it. I than went grocery shopping at walmart for some healthier options. I immedietly took all my snack foods and separated them into portion snack size ziploc bags so i know what is going in my mouth. Here is a picture of my spoils :)

The plan is to update this at least once a day with What I've eaten and my screenshots from the workout DVD i've planned to do this with

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