Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 3 Food Diary and Workout

AM Weight - 272.8
PM Weight - 271.8

TOTAL weight loss to date - 8.2 lbs!

Breakfast- Nutrigrain bar 120 Cal and 3g Fat
Orange 71 Calories
Dinner- Apple 91 Cal Goldfish snack 140 Cal and 5g Fat Orange 71 Calories

Total Calorie Intake 493 Calories 8g Fat

Well its Thursday morning. Been up since 6 am. Looks like on this medicine the most sleep i'll be getting is 6 hours. Which is probably normal but i like eight and a half hours a night :) Cesar Piper and I are at a hotel in Grand Junction, CO for the weekend. We have a dog show here. The struggle is going to be exercising in my hotel room without my workout video and sticking to our diet while not having the comforts of home. Im hoping to be under 270 by the time i get home! Lets hope :) I'll update later with workouts :)

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