Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 4 Food Diary and Food Blog

AM Weight 270.4
PM Weight 270

10 lbs lost to date

Didnt sleep much last night. Steph and her friend got in late to the hotel and we stayed up super late talking. I couldnt sleep well anyways because of the medicine! I feel GREAT today and I'm ready to go to the show.

Breakfast- Apple and an Orange

Dinner- no clue how many calories
Well we all went out to dinner last night. Before we left I was under 270, but when we came back i was up to my morning weight. I had some steak. a few bites of potato.. some of my salad, and some onion blossom :) It was really good but i had a hard time eating too much just had a few bites of everything.

Worked out for 20 minutes in hotel room

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